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Hydrophobic products for windscreens aren’t new – but many people still don’t know what they are, how they work and just how useful they can be.

Before we get into the details about which are the best hydrophobic products for windscreens, let’s first take a closer look at the technology and how it benefits the man in the street (make that the people in the car!).

As the name suggests, hydrophobic products repel water.  When applied to a windscreen, the nanotechnology of these products makes the surface extremely repellent to water, forcing the liquid to form ‘beads’ which then slide or run off the glass much like balls of mercury.  As water is unable to cling onto the surface, the beads simply roll off – and in the case of a windscreen – are blown off by the flow of air when the vehicle is moving.

But surely windscreen wipers are there for a purpose?  To keep a windscreen clear of rain?

The beauty of hydrophobic products is that they virtually put windscreen wipers out of a job, but they also keep dirt away.  The invisible coatings prevent environmental pollutants, grease, oil, insects, bird droppings and other foreign matter from sticking to the surface, making it very easy to clean the windscreen.

Hydrophobic products have a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved wet weather visibility
  • Improves visibility at night
  • Improved driver visual perception
  • Improved driver reaction time
  • Improved comfort and safety of drivers and passengers
  • Keeps windscreen clean of water, oil, dirt and insects
  • Reduced need for cleaning products which may be harmful to the environment

So what are the best hydrophobic products for your windscreen?

It’s really a matter of personal choice, so if you’re keen on seeing the benefits of this nanotechnology for yourself, you should have a look at the various product reviews, ask the experts for their recommendations (eg windscreen repair companies and motor dealerships) and chat to your motoring friends before you make a final decision.

Here are some products that you may want to consider:

  • Nanovations Vision Protect windscreen coating
  • Nanoman Windscreen Rain Repellent
  • NANO-QuartzGC from NANOGLOSS
  • Opti-Glass Pro
  • Rain-X Original Glass Treatment
  • Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat Pro

Another reason you may want to consider a hydrophobic product for your windscreen is that it may actually increase the chip-resistance of your glass.  Opti-Glass Pro claims that its coating increases the coefficient of friction of the glass, which means that when a speeding object (like a flying stone kicked up from a passing vehicle) comes into contact with a windscreen which has been coated with Opti-Glass Pro, the object is more likely to be deflected than it is to damage the glass.

However, if you have a chip or a crack in your windscreen, you do need to get it seen to immediately as the problem can worsen and become a significant safety hazard.  A professional windscreen repairer is often able to fix a small chip or crack so that it’s virtually invisible and the windscreen is as good as new.  For fast, affordable and professional windscreen repairs or replacements in Perth, call Jason at Autoscreens on 0400 200 086 or get in touch via their website,

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