They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but has anyone ever thought that our cars may actually be more worthy of that title?

They’re at our beck and call 24/7.  They always love us back.  They take us anywhere we want to go.  They don’t complain when we leave them exposed to the elements or ignore them for days.  And we trust them with our most valuable possessions – our lives and those of our loved ones.

It makes sense then, to look after our ‘best friends’ and to give them a little TLC to make sure that they’re always ready to perform at their peak.  Maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly year after year – and there should be no shortcuts.  With these simple tips, you can keep your car in top notch condition, help preserve their value and prolong their life.

Tip # 1   Keep it clean.  The cosmetic appearance of your car is really important and that goes for both the interior and the exterior.  A regular wash, vacuum and wax will help protect your car’s finishes and prevent the paintwork from fading or rusting – plus it’s vital to keep the inside of your car (which is said to be one of the most important areas when it comes to resale value) also looking clean and smart.

Tip # 2   Lubrication is vital.  Your car’s moving parts need regular attention and lubrication to minimise the risk of a breakdown and to make sure they’re performing optimally.  Regular fluid checks (transmission oil, engine oil, brake fluid, grease, water, coolant) are absolutely essential.

Tip # 3  Check brakes regularly.  Your vehicle’s brake pads need to be checked regularly to avoid a ‘brakedown’.  Worn brake pads are dangerous so it’s essential to have the callipers, brake pads and the rotor assessed by professionals to make sure there are no areas of concern.

Tip # 4  Do a regular tyre check.   It’s absolutely essential to keep your tyres inflated to the right pressure and make sure that there are no areas where the tread has worn below the legislated level.  When checking your tyres, don’t forget to make sure the spare is always pumped up and ready to go in case of an emergency!

Tip # 5   Check windscreen washer fluid.   It’s easy to forget about the windscreen washer fluid, but it can be really dangerous if the levels are too low to clean the glass properly.  Insects, dust build-up, smears etc will cause problems if they can’t be wiped off when the car is in motion, so top up the fluid levels regularly.

And on the subject of windscreens, it’s really important to keep your vehicle’s windows and windscreen in tip-top condition.  Keep the glass clean at all times and check regularly for cracks or chips because a chipped windscreen can make your car unsafe.  Any damage should be fixed as soon as possible by a reputable windscreen repairer and if necessary, the whole windscreen should be replaced.

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